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We want to help you improve your mental health

We all tend to undervalue the importance of mental health, and of asking for help. We’ve been there. You’re there. It’s ok.

We provide counseling services throughout Oklahoma

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Life is difficult! There are many obstacles that can throw us off being our best, our happy self.  Are you struggling?  You are not alone. Let us help!

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Is your child struggling? They are not alone.  Many children struggle with social interactions, controling emotions, hyperactivity and adjusting to change. Let us help!

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Keeping a family together (or combining a family) can be stressful.  Functioning as the best, happy family can be difficult. We are here to help your family!

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Are you and your significant other struggling?  Have things come between you?  Is communication a struggle?  We want to help you find each other again.


Is what I'm feeling normal?

So many people feel like what they are going through is not ‘normal.’  Everyone goes through struggles.  I have been counseling for over ten years and have yet to have a client who did not have a ‘normal’ emotion.

Do a lot of people seek counseling?

 A research study done in 2004 sponsored by Psychology Today and PacifiCare Behavioral Health found that 59 Million people in the United States had received counseling in the last two years.  Of those individuals, 80 percent found counseling effective.

How does insurance work for counseling?

At your first session, you will provide your insurance information.  We will take it from there.  We will file the claims with your insurance company (just like your doctor’s office).

How much does it cost?

In most cases your insurance covers counseling.  In the cases that it does not we have an hourly fee.  If you are unable to pay the full hourly fee we do have sliding scale fees available.

Does Soonercare cover counseling?


If I am using Soonercare do I have to have a referral?


Your first appointment is always free. Let’s see if we’re a correct for each other.

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